I Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business To The Next Level Using The “Contos Coaching Method”

Growing your business is no small accomplishment. From marketing your business to hiring and training the right people, it’s not easy to juggle so many hats. We understand what you are going through – and we want to help you. 

With over 18 years of combined experience in growing our businesses, we honed the skills to elevate your business to the next level. Starting today, you can stand out from the competition and build the business of your dreams.

The Wonder Woman

Of Wood

Mia is known as one of the leaders in the oil timber industry within Australia. She has built multiple successful businesses by finding gaps in the market.

A Certified Speaker and Coach by the Global Coaching and Speaking Authority

Mia is also a Certified Speaker and Coach by the Global Coaching and Speaking Authority, one of the most highly recognized coaching certification bodies in the world today.

An Empowered Entrepreneur

Mia empowers business owners & investors in the timber industry so they can grow their businesses to the next level.

Companies I've Helped Build

How I Can Help You

Building a business can be challenging. As a business owner, you are forced to wear multiple hats. You play multiple roles in your business and on any given day, you must:



  • Manage your business…
  • Train your people…
  • Hire the right staff…
  • Market your products and services…
  • Design and implement systems…
  • Communicate and motivate your team…
  • Act on 100 other different ideas to take your business to the next level.

Just thinking about it can make you feel paralyzed and overwhelmed. It can stop you from prioritizing effectively and acting on your best ideas so you can achieve your goals. And worse, it keeps you busy and steals your time away from doing what you love.

Through the

Contos Coaching Method

I can help you create Organisational Efficiency in your business, help you stand out from the competition, and find the right people.

My Story

As a young girl, I’ve worked in and been around male-dominated industries. My Dad used to work in the seafood & distribution industry and he inspired me to make an impact.

When I started to become independent, I found myself working for other people. I have spent years labouring for other companies but I always knew I had more in me. This pushed me to be an entrepreneur.

I saw the gaps to bring innovative solutions in the timber and flooring industry. We invested years into R&D and created a revolutionary product that has the ability to decrease drying time by over 95%. Ultimately, our solutions save time, energy, effort, and resources for both the retailer and the customer.

Today, I’m looked at as a leading colour design specialist and the founder of Innovative Timber Solutions. I am the current Vice President of the Australian Timber & Flooring Association with over 4 years of Board Membership Experience.

Since being recognized as one of the top leaders in the timber industry, I developed a passion to help entrepreneurs like me to grow their businesses to the next level.

Mia 4

What People Say About Me

Every single time I connect with Mia I walk away inspired, focused, and with a clear path to execute. I have the challenge of juggling life, multiple businesses, plus dreams, goals, and visions all while being a single parent. As a multi-award-winning business owner, coach and mentor myself, I believe it’s crucial to have the support of others to help you cut through your own BS, imposture syndrome, and even procrastination. Mia does all of this, and so much more. Mia speaks from the heart, delivers incredible practical advice - that’s easy to implement, and results in massive changes in systems, processes, and profitability. If I could sit with Mia every day I would – she is an amazing mentor, coach, business owner, and someone I’m so honoured to have on my Life Team and in my circle.
Louise Sparkes
Founder & Head Pineapple, Pineapple Marketing & Promotions
I had the pleasure of connecting with a leader, a driven successful business owner, a woman that is accountable for everything she does and owns it, a mother that takes care of the whole family and anyone else that comes into her life. This lady, Mia Contos is one of the most incredible people you will ever meet. Honest, hard-working, positive, driven, caring, understanding and a strong as a well oiled machine inside of a car that just won’t back down. Mia is a person that goes above and beyond in everything she does. She’s got the experienced most people would dream of both in highs and lows she comes with a mountain of experience that you would be absolutely blessed to be able to be around to have an insight to. Her name is Mia, she is now family to me, a mentor and someone I look up to ever day. Mia is a safe place and someone you can definitely always put your trust in, she will have your back and in the best way always ❤️
Samantha Campbell
Owner, Shyn Products
Mia is such a fantastic human being. She is really, really passionate about who she is and what her business stand for. Mia has a good and strong presence - she is really going to look after you. She has a caring spirit and I wish her all the best because she is going to kick ass! Well done, Mia!”
Elisha Mullins
Owner, MonkeySee
Having had the pleasure of knowing Mia for a number of years now, it's with great pride of being able to recognise Mia not only as a business associate but also as a friend. Watching her growth into a powerhouse of a business woman has been nothing short of inspirational. What sets her apart is her willingness to always find a solution and won't stop until she has achieved her goal, and welcomes every challenge as yet another test to excel. This applies to all aspects of her personal and professional life. I'm very much looking forward to following and supporting Mia on her quest to greatness. Let that star shine bright, the world is a better place for having people like her leading the way.
Boris Beygel
Director, Abundance Property & Master Coach, Aaron Sansoni Performance Team

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